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Hmmm, nice date. =/

Yeah. So my brother moved out. He took my computer with him.
Assface. It was mine.
Oh well, I'll live without. I have too many other things to worry about.
Things right now are pretty good.
Ryan and I are doing great.
I've made new friends.
Heather and I are doing good.
Mer and I are doing good too.
And Steven and I are friends again. Well. It's school.
It sucks, basically. I'm so far behind, it makes me not wanna go.
So I've already missed like a week scence I've been back.
Oh well, I don't care anymore.
My legs doing okay. It hurts a little.
My pelvic bone. Well. Lets just say I'm going to remove that myself :)
Lol. Well, I gotta go.
I gotta finish getting ready for the element.
Wooo. Fun.

Peace ♥

Oh, btw. This is my last public entry. I'm going friends only again.
Due to nosey people, and people I don't like :D
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