Samantha (fataldiversions) wrote,

I got a job at Cicis Pizza right next to the Save Right. Woot. Go Me.
We went to Cicis after school and uh well thanks to Ceci I went back at 5 and I started training. And I have training on Monday and Tuesday. Then from there I offically start working. :)
I get my shirt tommarow. Andddd. Merc, I'm sorry I didn't come over. I called you like 3 times and it rang busy. And I didn't mean to blow you off I really was going to come over, but then I got offered at job and I took that chance because I really need one.
SO. More shit went down today. Everyday brings something new. And it hasent gotten any better. But it's okay. I got my head held high and I'm in a really good mood because I got a job. Go Me!
And Heather. I love you.
Merc, I love you.
Ronika, Mucho love my dear.
And Jess, I love youuu the mostest.

OH. Broke up with Ryan last night. So0o0o0o
Sams single. :D
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