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So everyone tells me something diffrent, and all I want to know is the truth. Is it that hard to tell me the truth? I atleast deserve that, afterall. But I guess some people don't feel the same. One person tells me one thing, and another person tells me something else.
I'm fucking sick of it.
Anyways. School was okay yesturday, the first person I saw that I knew was Matt. It was co0. Thennn everyone else, cause lunch.
I have 30 pages of make up work in algebra. Wo0o0o. Go me. -_-;
I might be out of school again though, because my memory is still fucked. :\
I went to battle of the bands last night at thelement. It was gay.
I bought a there for tommarow shirt though. After that though we went tyo waterford. It was a long night. But I hung out with gaincarlos for the first time outside of the element and school.
When we finnally got home, I hung out with Mike and Ryan and this other guy and heather a little bit, but she was upset so yeah.
It was fun. I was up untill like 5 this morning hanging out with Ryan and that one guy. I forgot his name :x Thats my LOVELY memory for ya.
I hurt my knee really bad this morning. I cried.
Well I'm going to go.

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