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So0o0o0o0o. Your Mom.. Goes to college.

Hey homos, how are you all doing?
Good, I hope. I'm doing alright. I guess.
My job sucks my balls, but that's okay, atleast I'm getting money out of it.
I mean I like it but I don't like my manager, Chad. Mike is awesome as hell, but I want to choke chad.
My grades. English, A Algebra, F Compact, A Biology, D, Orcasta, B and World History, D. Woot. I suck. But the F in Algebra isn't hard to fix and I'll have Worl History good to go on Monday, and Biology... I'll do good to get a C in that class.
Mom wasn't at school today. There was basically no one at our table. I slept all lunch period, and after too, the robot woke me up.
I did good on my history project. Wo0t.
Why I'm rambling on about meaningless crap, I don't know.
I had about 30 minutes of sleep last night, due to the fact that I had to do my project, but then work called me at the last minute asking me to go in. It sucked. I really didn't want to go in at all but oh well. More money in my pocket. -shrug-
My mom's still.. yeah. And well.. yeah. =/
Things are looking a bit better for me than they were before, which is amazing, cuz I though it'd never get the slightest bit better.
Well whatever. I'm dumb.
Oh, in compact yesterday we had to fill out this survay and I liked one of the questions because I'm queer.
So, here's the question, and I'm asking all of you this. You don't have to respond but it'd be nice.

If I died tommarow how would you remember me?

Thats all the dumbshit I have to say for now.
Peace Peoples. ♥
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i would remember you as the adorable undyed blonde haired best friend i met in 6th grade. the one i could always talk to, even though we got in a million fights. the one i always loved and cared about.
dont remember what class, but it doesnt matter.

but thats how i would remember you.
"Mom wasn't at school today. There was basically no one at our table. I slept all lunch period, and after too, the robot woke me up."

Yeah I woke up at 6:33 this morning..Sorry I wasnt there..And at least James got ya up =D

I'd remember you as the bestest daughter and the person I can be 100% myself with..silly, stupid, blunt..I can tell you stuff I truely mean and though at times I should have been nicer about it yo still took it in and understood it. I love you you to pieces youve been there when I got into lame ass shit with idiots like Chikurggen and the stuck by me and I stick by you. you brighten my day I love seeing you and I never want you to dissapear. I can also be way stupid with you..We've done not so smart things together..the keyboard..time you ran into your door..all those times you fell..the time I fell off of a half an inch ledge..everything..We are sugar nuts and shall forever be..Live long..take care..Love you

Lmao, I love you mom. Our memories are -amazing-. We've had the best times together.
Hell yea.

I would remember you as the best thing that has ever happened to me.
And the sky.
And the tree.
And the world.