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Went to the races tonight, twas fun. At first I thought it was really dumb but towards the end it got good.
They found my mom, which is SO reliving.
I get to see her and actually spend time with her for the first time in a good while, tommarow.
Which makes me happy, but I have a bad feeling something bad's gunna happen which isn't cool.
I don't know.
I've been really blah day today.
I woke up to horrible news.
Cried forever.
Went to work, got the day off.
Ryan showed up, EWDIEDIEDIEDIE, just to get his stuff, I didn't say a word to him or even so much as look at him. He got out the car and walked up and I just headed inside.
Didn't do much all day, except think alot.
Found out good news.
Happy but still blah.
Talked to some people.
Went to the races.
And now I'm here, Okay, but slightly blah.
Trying to be happy and keep my head held high. I'm suceeding.
Right now I'm talking to my lovly merc, and I'm going to bed soon.
I'm bored.

Goodnight. ♥
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